July 2022 OMG Update

The 365 Challenge task in July was to sew the light blocks to the quilt flimsy.

365 Challenge

My flimsy is quite large now, about 72 inches.

365 Challenge

Those of you who are familiar with this project know that I have added sashing and some filler blocks.

It certainly didn’t need to be enlarged, so why am I doing this?

365 Challenge

From a design perspective, I like the look of the sashing. I like the way that it outlines the blocks.

From a technical perspective, the sashing is keeping all of those block seams from ‘popping’…I know that they are secure until I add another round.

Also, I find that adding the sashing is helping me to keep the quilt square. So many seams…so many pieces…so many opportunities for wavy edges!

I need all of the help that I can get!

I also sewed more 3.5″ dark blocks this month.

365 Challenge

I am pretty impressed with myself that I have kept up with this project!

January completed blocks.

February completed blocks.

March completed blocks.

April completed blocks.

May completed blocks.

June completed blocks.

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts OMG. Hop on over there and be inspired by the other goal setters that have linked up! It is inspiring and encouraging!

Quilt On!

20 responses to “July 2022 OMG Update

  1. Oh wow! You should be proud of yourself! A wonderful piece of art.


  2. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting

    Wow, so pretty!!! Fabulous that you have kept up!!!


  3. That is a pretty quilt! Sometimes it just needs another border!


  4. Looks like WP didn’t take my first comment made a few hours ago…Be that as it may, I love this. Such attention to detail on all the various block designs and it all ‘reads’ as a cohesive whole. And the color scheme really jives. Nice. What ls the to-be-finished size?


    • The original is 80 ” – 90″ square I believe. Mine? Who knows! Ha, ha! I am surprised that the color scheme seems to jive well with most people. Here I thought that I was being a bit unusual in the choices. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aha, the unintentional King Sized Quilt! Well, it’s gonna be a beaut! I’m thinking your color scheme was/is a bit unusual in that most of use don’t gravitate towards it upon first thought. So when someone like yourself actually brings it into a current project it becomes a “But of course this works” moment.
        I’ll end by saying: that makes you a trend-setter, Laura!


  5. I’ve never been called a trend-setter before! Ha, ha! My successes are usually accidental! 🙂


  6. Laura, This is looking amazing! Your wisdom on adding the borders is clever, wise, and adds interest to the eye! Very nice!!!


  7. First I am in awe of the color scheme! Second, I am so proud of you for doing the 365 challenge. I may do that someday, but it takes time to select a solid color scheme that the quilter really likes! The setting is something that you have made both to keep the blocks from fraying and to build on the quilt as you make the remaining blocks! YOu are a wonder Lady! A 90 x 90 Huh? Hummmmm. Well, I have killed all the Squirrels for the year so maybe next year! Hugs and relish in all the wonderful comments on your work – you deserve it!


    • Thank you, Nanette! I am hoping for a sort of wintry woodsy theme, I guess. And I want to make it work with what I have in my stash. Fun to bring fabrics together that I normally would not! Also fun (well…not always) to practice techniques such as mitering and different methods for flying geese. I’m learning and enjoying, and that is what counts. 🙂


  8. This will be stunning when finished! Good job!


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