Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal January 2022

Other than sewing related goals, I do have another type of goal for this month.

In 2016, my husband and I, our children and grandchildren took a fantastic trip to Oahu, Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach Oahu 2016

I want to organize those hundreds of photos that we all took and shared with each other.

With the help of Snapfish, or Shutterfly, I want to create a memory photo book from favorite photos.

Polynesian Cultural Center Oahu 2016

Anyone else as slow as I am at organizing?

In the comments, tell me what non-sewing related goal you have set for yourself (if any).

Carry On!

19 responses to “Non-Sewing/Embroidery Goal January 2022

  1. Hi Laura! Oh, goodness. I think in 2018 or 2019 we printed 100+ pictures of Dominic to start a scrapbook/baby book for him. Yeah. That’s as far as the pictures got. I could make it goal to get that puppy started and even complete this year. I feel bad that our littles only have digital pictures. No baby book that starts from birth and shows as the highlights. I’ll be interested in seeing what other share. Good luck with getting your memory book complete! Happy Monday to you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    • A baby book is a worthy project, Roseanne. At least, I find it much better for me to reminisce with a picture book than a pc. I love that tactile experience! Happy Monday to you, too! 🙂

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  2. Back in the day, I decided to do Creative Memories scrapbooks for my kids. I think they are my oldest UFO of all my projects (ahem). I got as far as age 8 for my son, who’s now 28. Of course I can no longer get any of the items needed to complete the scrapbooks, so there’s that. Anyway – you have a good goal for the year – those photos are going to make a really fun book!


    • I bet your son would still enjoy the book even if it stops at age 8! I am blessed that my daughter loves scrapbooking, so I gave both her and my son most of the old family photos. You know…the actual photos…before the digital age hit. Ha, ha!
      But what to do with the thousands of digital photos, eh? 🙂 Yes, Hawaii was a fantastic family vacation! We had many fun experiences, and have not been together like that since, so I am motivated to spend some time on this (now that I don’t have the day job stealing time).

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  3. As a photographer and not somebody who has ever sewed a thing, perhaps I’ll take the opposite tack and get my missus to teach me how to use that strange contraption kept under the stairs she calls a sewing machine…. now there’s an idea!


    • Now that is a great idea! Another creative outlet for you!
      So….as a photographer…how do you organize all of those hundreds of photos? I am not a photographer, but I do love taking photos. Organizing…not so much. 🙂

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      • I have a complex array of folders/directories. For holidays call the folder/directory the place i visited with the year. Inside that folder I have the master files (RAW in my case) and subset of folders of edited images. I keep another folder of non-holiday images containing subsets by subject. e.g. Nature/Birds/Blackbird or Landscape/Sea and Sand/ Place name. etc.
        Then at a later dae I spend ages trying to remember what I did with what image!
        Just checked – I have some 15k images in my holiday section (both RAW and jpgs) and some 42k in my general and project area. Might sound a lot, but they are, in effect, a diary of my life.


  4. Hello there, Laura! Mine relates to writing. I have an accumulation of my own notes and revelations as well as many I have saved from others. Now that I am retired, I plan to put it all together in a format that could be shared and used to help encourage others.


    • Hi Melinda! Thanks for stopping by! I love your goal! I am sure that your compilations will benefit those they are shared with! My oldest sister is a published writer…taming all the notes and ideas is an ongoing process for her and also something she pursues wholeheartedly in her retirement.

      Life is so enriched by writers! 🙂


  5. Sounds like a fun trip. You’ll relive it all as you look through those photos.


  6. I should join you in sorting photos, but also want to sort all the designs I have used over about 50 years into some sort of order … macramé, rag dolls, Christmas decorations of many different varieties, and quilts. The virtual quilt blocks are about half way to sorted state, but the rest just a jumbled mess.


    • I took the time to sort my various patterns into labeled binders. This allowed me to cull the patterns…quite a few were given away because my tastes had changed or I knew that I would never make them…I only have so much time. I still have way more than I will ever make, but it is nice to grab a binder and use it for inspiration as well as to choose a project.

      If the patterns are on the computer, I either print them off for a binder, delete them, or file them into folder…often with subfolders.

      I am trying not to collect patterns anymore…I have more than enough…but the internet enablers are often hard to resist. 🙂


  7. That is a very good non-sewing goal. By the comments you’ve already received it seems you are not alone in needing to sort photos. I can definitely join this photo sorting group. I keep putting off looking through files of photos on my laptop and phone – it just seems such an overwhelming task. I think concentrating on one trip/topic at a time is the best way forward. Thanks for the nudge to get started. My parents are patiently waiting for me to give them actual photos of family events from the past few years….


    • I certainly am overwhelmed with photos! The Hawaii trip not only has my photos, but Hubby’s and both sets of kids as well. And we took a ton of photos because we made every day count! It is sooooooo slow going! This is going to be a long term project, but I will have a nice photo book for an end result. A book that anyone can sit in the easy chair at enjoy at leisure. That is the vision that motivates me to work on this.

      It seems that your motivation will be your parents. 🙂


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