Patriotic Table Topper Part 2

I have not accomplished a lot since my last post about the progress of this table topper.

Courthouse Table Topper

I have add sashing between the blocks.

Courthouse Table Topper

And I have added a border.

Courthouse Table Topper
Courthouse Table Topper

I want to add one more border. Who knows how to pull more time from a hat?

Quilt On!

14 responses to “Patriotic Table Topper Part 2

  1. I’m stumped for ideas on what to add as a second border…
    This looks ‘almost’ finished so you’re right it does need it! Upon closer inspection, I do like that starry background fabric – a fun play on polka dots!


  2. The border looks great! My best time tip is to do a little every day yo move a project forward.


  3. It’s looking great Laura! I suffer from couch potatoism when I don’t get good rest, which was much if this winter. It is hard to get motivated when you are tired! Hang in there, it will come, maybe this weekend if you get one?


  4. Cute table topper! Busy block!


    • I am sure the block wouldn’t be so busy if I hadn’t chosen to go scrappy, but then, that would defeat the purpose of using up the scraps. Ha, ha!


  5. This is adorable! Great job!


  6. It looks great so far! I understand though, it can be difficult to find time to do crafts and I know that quilting especially takes a lot of effort.


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