Patriotic Table Topper

One of my Focus goals this year was to make table runners. I have made one. Maybe I can get two made before the end of the year!

With that goal in mind, I have chosen a patriotic pattern by Bonnie Hunter, called the Courthouse Square. She also has a similar pattern called Irish Courthouse that you might be interested in. I like both of them!

I ‘shopped’ my own stash, and cut out all of the parts. Then I layered nine blocks so that I could piece them all together rather than piecing one block at a time.

Courthouse Table Topper
Courthouse Table Topper

I pieced the blocks from the center to the outside.

Courthouse Table Topper
Courthouse Table Topper

A close up look at one of the completed blocks:

Courthouse Table Topper

All nine completed blocks:

Courthouse Table Topper

And that is where they sit (or hang, actually…on the design wall); waiting for me to decide if I want to set them the same as in the pattern, or do something else. I need to decide the size that I want.

Quilt On!

14 responses to “Patriotic Table Topper

  1. Beautiful patriotic blocks. Great job. I didn’t set any specific goals for making table runners this year, but they are definitely something I’d like to make. You’ve inspired me to go for 2 this year too!


  2. I like your addition of layering the blocks for chain piecing. Makes a lot of sense. The R, W & B scheme looks very refreshing in this pattern, too.
    I’m sure you’ll make your goal, Laura – one down and one to go with more than 7 months left in the year!


  3. Table runners sew up fast. Smaller projects are good palette cleansers.


  4. Hi Laura! Great job on piecing all the blocks you need. Now you can select a layout and boom! You’ll be done! I am planning on working on my patriotic blocks this weekend, too. Enjoy your weekend. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • I won’t be working on mine this weekend. Last weekend was devoted to Mom time, and this weekend is devoted to Dad time. These times are precious for sure!

      I look forward to seeing your blocks set, Roseanne! 🙂

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  5. Looking good – I just love the patriotic colors! Hugs


  6. I love these Laura! They will make a splendid table runner!


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