Garden Baskets Update

Just a quick update:

I have made all eighteen basket blocks and have sewn them together!

Garden Baskets

Garden Baskets

This quilt needs an applique border…that may take a while.  I am still trying to work out a new routine for myself.  

I am noticing that less computer time equals more me time.  🙂

Garden Baskets

Garden Baskets Update and a Gif

Quilt On!

16 responses to “Garden Baskets Update

  1. Laura this quilt is so beautiful. The colors are striking – think I need to make a quilt with a black border – maybe after I get finished with OMIGOSH! Doing some beautiful work! I know you are enjoying your new work schedule! Makes a difference! Hugs

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  2. Hi Laura! Love, love, LOVE how this is coming together. Those baskets look fabulous – FABULOUS – with the dark background. All those colors really pop. The borders sound like a lot of work but I think it will be worth it in the end. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Fantastic – not only visually, but also especially because the baskets are all pieced with those fabrics stashed in your drawers/bins that you cleared out just recently. Yep, I remember that!

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  4. What a stunner, and wit( the appliqué borders, oh my this will be something! You are enjoying your new schedule!


  5. It looks stunning with the black background 🙂


  6. It’s so interesting to see a traditional block made over in bright modern fabrics. It will definitely be worth investing the time to add the applique and finish this quilt 🙂


  7. Fabulous! I love all the bright colours with the black background 🙂

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