Garden Baskets Update and a Gif

I will share the good news first!

Regular readers of this blog know that I have worked 6 days a week (7 in December), split shifts, for quite a number of years.

No longer!

I finally have a routine day job 5 days a week, weekends off, and paid holidays!  Same job, but a nice little promotion.

This probably sounds crazy, but as soon as I adjust (How long can that take – ha!) I plan on cleaning house.  

Meanwhile, back in the Decompression Chamber, I have managed to sew up a few baskets for the Garden Basket quilt.

Garden Baskets

It has been enjoyable making up these baskets with the different colors!

My son and daughter asked me to share what I was learning in photography class, so this last item is for them.

I have learned how to take a time lapse and make a gif.  I chose to show melting ice cubes (I wish I had thought to clean the water spots off of the glass first.  Oops!).  This was a fun little project!

Edit: *Click on the photo to see the gif.

Gif Photography Project

Quilt On!

19 responses to “Garden Baskets Update and a Gif

  1. Oh Laura, what exciting news for you! I can relate to the house cleaning part, it was the first thing I did when I left SDSU! I think you will adjust quickly, and your basket quilt will be finished in no time!


  2. Yay, dance of joy! I get it about the housecleaning bit…it helps me to re-orient to different rhythms of life and sets the stage for ‘guilt-free’ indoor creating – plus once done, who needs to do it again anytime soon?


  3. I’m truly very happy for you to get a new job with such better hours. Think of all the quilting and creativity you’ll now have time for, as well as keeping a clean house. Time is precious, every moment.


  4. For those who don’t know, if you click on the pic of the glass you can see the action…

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  5. Yep, clean the house, then get on with doing the fun stuff … if it took seven years of shift work to get as dirty as it is now, it will take seven years for it to get that way again! Sounds like a good theory to me.


  6. Good for you on the promotion! Now you can focus on what’s truly important to you. Baskets are wonderful.


  7. I am so happy for you Laura, you appear to be such a hard worker. A Monday through Friday 8-5 job is going to be so great for you as a quilter along with your photography! I am assuming you will be working inside now. Enjoy – I have gotten into the mode of doing a full dusting of the house once a month! I used to worry about the dust and do a mid-month dusting, now I just close my eyes! We spend the majority of our time in the Studio and with fabric I could dust each day – no thank you! LOL. Enjoy and love your Glass and when I clicked on the picture it was so neat! Hugs


    • Thanks so much, Nanette! I’ve ignored the dust for a very, very long time. Ha, ha!
      I am not adjusted to this new schedule yet (6-3; not 8-5), but I will get there, and then evaluate how to make the best use of my new routine.
      Making that gif was a fun little project to learn! 🙂


  8. Congratulations on your promotion, sounds like you’ll have a much better work life balance 🙂 The baskets are lovely and colourful


    • Balance is the right word, Margaret! That is what I will be looking forward to!

      The baskets are fun to do; I hope to play more with those this weekend. 🙂


  9. Excellent news all round Laura! I’m so glad you will have regular hours, more time to enjoy (and clean, should you choose to do so!) your home and follow your creative endeavours.


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