Quilting Floral Reflections 3

Some of you know that the day job has been particularly demanding this month…I have had no days off since I had one on December 3rd.

Therefore, I am not focused on Christmas.  

What little energy that I have had after work, has been spent machine quilting Floral Reflections.  I am determined to finish this quilt by the end of the year!

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections

I was stumped as to how to quilt the border when I came upon this stencil design in my Electric Quilt 8 program.  I think it is a design that I imported to EQ some time ago.

Floral Reflections

It worked out great!

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections

The quilting is finished.  I am on to the binding.

Floral Reflections

I just might make my self imposed deadline!

Floral Reflections

Quilt On!

Floral Reflections Intro

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections Update

Floral Reflections Update 2

Floral Reflections Update 3

Pin Basted

Floral Reflections Update 4

Floral Reflections Update 5

Floral Reflections Update 6

Quilting Floral Reflections

Quilting Floral Reflections 2

12 responses to “Quilting Floral Reflections 3

  1. Proud of you babe for sticking with it and getting it done very soon!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This must be your decompression activity! I am floored that you managed this in DECEMBER, Laura! What an incredible quilt this is, happing binding my dear!


  3. Your ‘slow stitching’ saga reads beautifully in the emerging finish of this quilt. Worth the journey, the time and the investment of patience. Wow.


    • Thank you, Laura!
      I think it was worth it…so glad to have an older project finished (or soon will be). I am waffling between accomplishment and so done with this. 🙂


  4. Absolutely beautiful Laura.


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