Quilting Floral Reflections

I am liking the quilted circular elements!  

Floral Reflections

Not all of the blocks are quilted yet, but I thought that I would share my progress.  I know the color isn’t right.  The quilting shows up better when I take photos indoors without the lights on.

Floral Reflections

I am thinking of filling in the blocks with stippling to flatten the background and help the applique stand out better. 

Floral Reflections

Quilt On!

Floral Reflections Intro

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections Update

Floral Reflections Update 2

Floral Reflections Update 3

Pin Basted

Floral Reflections Update 4

Floral Reflections Update 5

Floral Reflections Update 6

17 responses to “Quilting Floral Reflections

  1. The quilting is beautiful. I like the circles. Sometime it is hard to think outside the box (square block)!


  2. Thank you so much, Pamela! I appreciate the encouragement! 🙂


  3. Quilting looks good! I also find it hard to get good pictures in the winter with less natural light.


  4. This is coming along beautifully, Laura. I look forward to another quilted update (no pressure, really!)


  5. Hi Laura! Oh, I just LOVE the circles. I was the perfect choice for these blocks. I also agree with you about the stippling – that sounds just perfect to let the blocks shine. Great job!! ~smile~ Roseanne


  6. It’s looking just splendid Laura, what a great start! I can’t wait t see what you decide to add next. 😍


  7. Those circles are a great addition. It’s so interesting to follow your decision making process – it’s organic like watching your garden grow and change through the seasons.


  8. Absolutely beautiful!


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