Birdhouse UFO

In 2017, I decided to make this UFO a goal…I was going to finish it!

Birdhouse Wall Hanging

Here is what I said:

One Monthly Goal – 2017 

Ahem.  It is a bird house.  Started and abandoned quickly.  One of those “quilt guild inspired because everyone is making one” projects.  My excitement didn’t last long.  This oldie needs to be done!

Well.  We can all see how far I got with that goal.  Still uninspired.

This little project has been hanging around since 1995.  I found the quilt guild newsletter with the birdhouse pattern in it.  Just the birdhouse and a little birdie pattern that I dislike; nothing else.

So I have made a simple mockup with my Electric Quilt program.

Birdhouse Wall Hanging

I have come up with this plan:

Birdhouse Wall Hanging

I think I like it enough to carry on!

Quilt On!

18 responses to “Birdhouse UFO

  1. Love your plan 🙂


  2. Laura! Love it and I hope it inspires you enough to finish it. The sunflowers are the perfect addition along with the bird on top. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. OH Pretty Pretty Laura! I hope in 2021 that I can really get into my EQ8 – I cannot believe that I basically lost 2020 for quilting. Hugs


  4. I think your solution works…however I will support you if you decide to just chuck it (or any other old project that no longer feeds your mojo in the finishing of it). Sometimes, it’s okay to pass on old unfinished stuff and just pass them onto some other quilter. Yep, giving you ‘permission’


  5. That will be gorgeous … well worth finishing!


  6. That is adorable, I love it!


  7. Better, so much better! 🙂


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