Slow Sunday Stitching

I have finished stitching Farm Girl.

Farm Girl

She is washed and pressed.

Farm Girl finishes at 4.5″.

Farm Girl

I need to find a suitable frame and then she will be ready for gifting.

At 7:30 am, it is dark and eerie, and it will stay that way all day.  I live in Washington state, so I am currently living under cover of thick smoke.  There is no going outside, except to work and back.  No work today, so I get to be home all day!  Yay!

Since Farm Girl is finished, I will consider my slow Sunday project to be free motion quilting on the Let’s Sew quilt.  I am certainly slow at it!

Lets Sew Quilt Along

But I am making progress!

Lets Sew Quilt Along

And today is a good day to spend quilting!

Lets Sew Quilt Along

Are you slow stitching today?  Need inspiration?

Check out the link up at  Slow Sunday Stitching!   There are lots of fun projects by like minded stitchers to see!

Stay healthy!  Stay safe! 

Farm Girl Post 1

Farm Girl Post 2

Farm Girl Post 3

Lets Sew Quilt Along Posts

Lets Sew Quilt Along Peak 1

23 responses to “Slow Sunday Stitching

  1. Your Farm Girl stitchery is so sweet. I sure hope those fires end soon, stay safe and well.


  2. Love your Farm Girl! These fires and all the results of them are so horrible – hope it gets better for you soon. Glad you have some stitching to keep you busy indoors today!


  3. Farm Girl is so lovely… a wonderful gift!
    Hope your air clears up soon and you can be outside again!


  4. UFDA, hope you can breathe OK indoors! Your FMQ is always amazing to me, I love seeing your stitch choices, they are very inspiring.😍


    • I thank you for saying so, Kathy! Hard to believe that my choices can be inspiring…especially since I tend to quilt by the seat of my pants. Ha, ha!

      I was going to vacuum today…it has been awhile…but decided air quality was more important (it’s a valid excuse…really)! Hubby keeps the dehumidifier going. 🙂

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  5. I hope you soon find the perfect frame for Farm Girl. Enjoy the slow stitching and stay safe. We get some news of the fires – but it’s hard for us to grasp the scale of it all – everything about the USA is so much bigger than the UK.


    • Hubby wants to make a frame…we’ll see. We do have some old barn wood that would be perfect! 🙂

      It is hard to grasp news of any place unless one can personally experience it,
      Allison. At least for me it is. I know a bad thing when I read about it, but it is quite another thing to live through it.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. So scary, living under thick smoke! Keep safe and well.


  7. Farm Girl is lovely. I am in Northern California, and we have had horrible smoke for weeks. Hope they can get these all contained soon! It seems to just get worse and worse. Good luck to you!


    • My daughter, and her family, live in northern CA., as well as my sister and brother-in-law. They have sent photos…horrendous! The western coast sure could use rain! Stay safe, Karrin!


  8. Your farm girl is really cute. I hope she kept your mind off of what must be a scary time for sure.


  9. I love your Farm Lady. So cute. Take care with all that smoke. Do you live on the Eastern side of WA or the Western side?

    Hugs 🤗


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  11. Great job on the finish. Looking forward to seeing the completed Let’s Sew quilt. Stay safe!


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