Slow Sunday Stitching

Inch by inch….

Stitch by stitch….

Last Sunday, I left off with the letter ‘P’.

Jenny of Elefantz Alphabet Pincushions

‘Q’ and ‘R’ are finished, so this Sunday the letter ‘S’ will be stitched.

Jenny of Elefantz Alphabet Pincushions

Jenny of Elefantz Alphabet Pincushions

Are you slow stitching today?  Check out the link up at  Slow Sunday Stitching!   There are lots of fun projects by like minded stitchers to see!

Stay healthy!  Stay safe! 

Pincushion Post 1

Pincushion Post 2

Pincushion Post 3

Pincushion Post 4

Pincushion Post 5

17 responses to “Slow Sunday Stitching

  1. Your embroidered alphabet is coming alone nicely, your stitching is lovely.


  2. Wow you are really coming along on your stitching! Great work!


  3. Those are such pretty alphabet designs – especially with the tiny added details!


  4. Enjoy your stitching. You are making quick progress.


    • They are small letters; easy to stitch. I didn’t want a complicated hand project, but I do have more complicated ones set aside for when I am ready. 🙂


  5. Those are some of the cutest alphabets I have ever seen!


  6. A few more weeks and you’ll have them finished. Great job!


  7. Beautiful stitching, Laura, you are flying through this!


  8. So pretty! Hugs Stay safe and cool!


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