Slow Sunday Stitching

Last Sunday, I was working on the letter ‘I’ while sitting in my lawn chair enjoying the lovely day.

Jenny of Elefantz Alphabet Pincushions

I also completed the letter ‘J’, so I will be stitching the letter ‘K’ today.

I know that it is slow going, but that is okay.  After putting in longer hours at work this week, and Sunday being my only day off, I need a slow day!

Maybe you do, too!

Jenny of Elefantz Alphabet Pincushions

Are you slow stitching today?  Check out the link up at  Slow Sunday Stitching!   There are lots of fun projects by like minded stitchers to see!

Stay healthy!  Stay safe! 

Pincushion Post 1

Pincushion Post 2

Pincushion Post 3

19 responses to “Slow Sunday Stitching

  1. “L” is coming up fast…as is hurricane Laura in this year’s lineup of names (just finished with Hanna).
    Just sayin’…

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  2. Beautiful stitching! I’ll be working on my slow stitching today too! Have a great week!


  3. Lovely to see your project grow letter by letter. It is very restful to have a slow stitching project to turn to – especially after your long working week. Enjoy!


  4. Slow stitching is always the best kind of fun. Each one of your letters is lovely.


  5. Slow stitching is a good choice when you have limited time off. Hope you enjoyed your day.


  6. WOW almost 1/2 of the way finished! Going to be pretty!


    • That is what I like about this project…quick, easy and relaxing! But now I am undecided as to continue with making pincushions, or make an alphabet sampler when I am finished stitching. 🙂


  7. So glad that you can spend time with that pretty stitching on your day off.


  8. Lovely embroidery! You are not going to cut those apart, are you? I wasn’t sure what your end result will be since you reference embroidery for pincushions as the source and in your link.


    • Yes, these letters are a design by Jenny Reynolds, and she originally turned them into pincushions. That is what my plan is…to cut them apart and make pincushions. But an alphabet sampler is growing on me. 🙂


  9. You are flying through this alphabet, Laura, it looks so relaxing. 😊


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