Face Masks 3

I thought I was done making face masks.

I really did.

But then the oldest grandson called.  He said that his co-workers wanted face masks.  

And he said he loves me.

Covid-19 Face Masks

Covid-19 Face Masks

So I made twelve more (not all are pictured).

Face Masks

Face Masks 2  (This is where you will find the pattern that I am using.)

I have made more bow tie blocks. This brings the count to 628.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

Stay safe!  Stay healthy!

Quilt on!

7 responses to “Face Masks 3

  1. Oh no, the dreaded face mask request.
    Made better by a “Love you, GrandMa”


  2. Amazingly, I made my first face mask this week. We have a box of N-95s left over from a nasty clean up of a mouse infested garage years ago, and haven’t been out much until I got a haircut on Tuesday! I made Julie’s mask too, and it is much cooler, which is a relief with summer coming.


    • I bet it felt great to get that haircut, Kathy! 🙂

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      • Oh it did! I had cut it myself as I was due the week they closed, but it is nice to get rid of some. My hair is fine, but very thick with cow licks everywhere, so it is a challenge even on good days. I expect I’ll be making more masks now, as we have more cases now than we did in March, and tourist season is upon us…they are already here, wishing to breathe some fresh air. I hope we don’t get over run.

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  3. Those sentiments will get you every time! Thanks for linking to my pattern, Laura!


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