Traffic Jam One and Two Finished!

Not one, but two finishes to share!

Traffic Jam One and Traffic Jam Two are done!

Traffic Jam

These two quilts will be gifted to young boys.  I sure hope they like them!

Traffic Jam

Edge to edge stars (I think my stars look more like starfish) are quilted on this one:

Traffic Jam

And this one has edge to edge swirls going on:

Traffic Jam

These scrappy quilts were fun to make and the only stash that I shopped was my own!

Traffic Jam

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Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Quilt on!

14 responses to “Traffic Jam One and Two Finished!

  1. Great job getting them both done! It’s such a great pattern. I love the one Pat is working on now with the gray dot.


    • Yes…I love that grey version as well. I like it more because the sashing isn’t as wide. If I ever make another, it will be with the less wide sashing. 🙂


  2. Those are great looking quilts and so well suited to boys! Look at all those scraps exiting your sewing room! 😍


  3. Starfish quilting seems more ‘kid-friendly’ – you’re right on track with that.
    Both quilts look great and as they were created with all materials already at hand – even better!


  4. Hi Laura! What lovely quilts – they are so darn cute. I think both young men will be tickled with their quilt. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Lovely quilts, I love your star quilting!


  6. These look great, I’m sure they will love them.


  7. Great quilts Laura. That pattern looks like one of the best for reducing scraps, one colour at a time! Definitely going to click on the link to Pat Sloan’s pattern. Thank you!


  8. Depending upon the amount of scraps you want to reduce, this pattern can easily be made in several sizes, Allison. It is definitely a great pattern for stash reduction! 🙂


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