Face Masks

Covid-19 Face Masks

So I heard that my son, and fam, do not have face masks.  They live across the state from me, and the coronavirus has been particularly active near them.

So I have stopped my current projects in order to fill a need for them.  

I altered the pattern that I am using, since it did not call for a separate fabric for the inside.  I think it is necessary to tell the two sides apart, therefore I used a t-shirt fabric that I had in my stash.  I also made my ties as opposed to using elastic.

I didn’t really like the pattern that I used, so I won’t share it.  There are plenty of tutorials available via the internet, so I know that you can find one just right for you if you want to make cloth masks.

I will be looking for a different pattern to make my next set of face masks.

Covid-19 Face Masks

I hope that your families are all well and stay that way in this difficult time!

Stay safe!  Stay healthy!

Quilt on!

11 responses to “Face Masks

  1. I found the elastic length was all wrong for us on the pattern I used. The masks that fit my husband falls off my face. Not one size fits all!


    • I agree, Donna; not one size fits all. Also, I think the elastic can be rendered useless after a couple of washings…depends on the elastic, I guess. I’ve also heard that the ears hurt after wearing elastic for an extended time.

      It doesn’t take long to make my own ties, so I will continue to do so. I have a bias tape maker that speeds up the process for me. 🙂


  2. We are well and safe here, and so far only 6 cases total in the county, so we continue to pray for our cancer patients. This week is probably when it will hit if it does. Glad to hear you are fine! Quilt on is right!


  3. Try using this mask pattern. I have not made any yet because I have not set up my sewing room since moving here 2 years ago, not I am sorting organizing and tossing. Then will start making. https://www.avera.org/app/files/public/76443/Olson-Mask-with-Pattern.pdf


  4. Hi Laura! I have made a few for my niece and used t-shirt fabric for the ear pieces. It seems much softer than that elastic. Plus, I didn’t have much elastic either and knew I wouldn’t be able to get more. ~smile~ Roseanne


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