Floral Reflections Update

Just a quick update of the progress of Floral Reflections...

All of the purple applique pieces are now stitched.

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections

On to the yellow pieces, and then the applique will be finished!

Quilt On!

17 responses to “Floral Reflections Update

  1. Another color finished! 🙂


  2. SHANNON Clement

    You are so creative.


  3. Hi Laura! Are you enjoying this project? It look like you are and it sure looks pretty. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Ah yes, purple, my fav color…love those hues! You’re really on a roll…seems like you’ve integrated your passion for (finishing) quilting projects into everyday crazy-life…Fantastic, Laura!


    • I put my big girl panties on, I guess, Laura. I decided to stop fighting my schedule (or lack thereof) and figure out how to do the things that I’d really like to do. I can’t change the day job, but I can change my attitude (not easy).
      I admit…finishing old projects is decluttering my brain, and I feel better about myself. 🙂

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