One Ringy Dingy

I downloaded Pat Sloan’s One Ringy Dingy pattern as soon as I saw it back in 2017.  I love the nostalgia of it, and I knew I had to have it.

Why did it take me so long to make it?

One Ringy Dingy

I don’t know.

One Ringy Dingy

But now it is finished and on display.

One Ringy Dingy

I love it!

Quilt on!  Don’t wait for someday…what if it never comes?

16 responses to “One Ringy Dingy

  1. Hi Laura! Oh, this is so darn cute. My little one-year-old niece would love every bit about this. The hello, the colors, the size and especially the buttons. I’m so glad you made it. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. There is now a generation who would not know what this represents … but I love it!


  3. You are just cleaning up Laura! This is what, your 5th or 6th finish already this year? 👏🏻😀


  4. Such a masterpiece on the phone! Save that puppy nad frame it! Join up with us on HQAL. Sometimes I do not have any handwork completed, but try to get something done. Hugs


  5. That is a very cute block. I remember my parents getting their first home phone. It was cream coloured, sat on a shelf and just terrified me – I wouldn’t dare answer it! 😀


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