Earth, Wind and Water Table Runner

One of the projects that I want to focus on this year is making small projects, such as table runners.  To do this, I decided to go through my years old saved collection of downloaded from the internet and magazine patterns.  If I don’t care for the pattern anymore, then I am passing it on.  If I like it, then I am going to make it, and then pass the pattern on.

Last month, I made the Curved Nine Patch table runner.

This month I am working with a pattern saved from Quiltmaker magazine back in Sept./Oct. 2009.  The pattern is called Earth, Wind and Water.  (I was able to find one of the off center pineapple block foundation patterns used in this table runner here.) 

It is a paper pieced pattern.

I do not like paper piecing.  I find the whole process tedious.

Nevertheless…I like the pattern.  So I shall make it once, and pass on the pattern to someone else when I am finished.

Four of the blocks have 27 pieces each.


Here is one:

Earth, Wind and Water Table Runner

And here are four:

Earth, Wind and Water Table Runner

With the exception of the borders, I have the table runner pieced.

Earth, Wind and Water Table Runner

Next time that I share this project, I will have the borders sewn, and the table runner quilted.

Carry on!

17 responses to “Earth, Wind and Water Table Runner

  1. The rock fabric really makes the pattern. It gives it a lot of movement.


  2. I, too abhor paper piecing, but I can see the allure to try this pattern ‘just this once’. I am most impressed with your determination to ‘do one’ regardless. A sort of self-challenge?
    The color palette is so modern and fresh. The borders and quilting will really finish it off beautifully, I’m sure.


    • Thanks, Laura! It wasn’t so much as a self-challenge (I’ve paper pieced a full sized quilt as well as wall hangings), as the simple fact that I really wanted to use the rock fabric. Ha, ha! Of course, I could have used the fabric in a different design. Snort! And then there is the fact that once upon a time, I must’ve really liked the pattern…I was determined not to waste all of those years saving it. Ha, ha!
      I really do dislike paper piecing. 🙂


  3. Wow! I could almost like to do some paper piecing for this … almost!


  4. That is so very striking! I’m not a huge fan of paper piecing, but I do love the exactness of it.


    • Me too, Kathy; you can’t beat the accuracy of it! But the process is still tedious in my not so humble opinion! 🙂

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      • I’ve only ever done a block at a time paper pieced, which is an ok change of pace. I would love to do a Mariners compass, but I never get past looking at the directions!😆


        • I made a Karen Stone New York Beauty pattern by paper piecing. Hated the process, but loved the results. The quilt won the Harpist’s Choice Award at the Washington State Quilters Spokane Chapter quilt show many moons ago.
          I love a good Mariner’s Compass, too, but have talked myself out of it…so far. 🙂

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  5. Wow! Your choice of fabrics with such a striking FPP pattern really is stunning. Worth the wait and the effort! Do you have a particular place in mind for the finished runner?


  6. Hi Laura! I commend you for taking charge of your patterns. They seem very easy to collect and they certainly do multiply. I love the colors you chose for your runner. It is very pretty. ~smile~ Roseanne


  7. Oh Cathy – this is just beautiful – what striking colors. Some of my favorites.


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