Candace’s Cherry Pie

Looking back, I find that I began this project in January 2019.  I’ve had life interruptions, distractions and procrastination, but I am pleased to say that she is now completed.


I am using two different cameras (one a power shot pocket, and one a new to me digital that I am having a terrible time learning to use), so you are getting head shots of my practicing to look at.

If you click on a picture, you will see a larger view.


All of stitching is done by free motion.  It isn’t always pretty, or done with perfectly even stitch lengths and widths, but it is effective anyway.  I want you to see that, so that you will be free to stitch as you please and not be bunched up about perfection!


Don’t waste time striving for perfection (or being stifled because of it).

There is no time to waste.


My niece, Candace, came for a visit of a few days.  She had never made a pie, so I helped her to make a cherry pie.  Not with store bought crust, or canned cherries!  She used a rolling pin and a cherry pitter!


And she had fun!


This was to be our last visit together.


Candace Leauna Elizabeth Smith (Age 14)

September 15, 1989 – February 12, 2004

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18 responses to “Candace’s Cherry Pie

  1. Beautiful tribute to Candace!!!


  2. What a wonderful tribute to your niece!


  3. Wonderful tribute, and way beyond anything I have tackled. Love the results, and you have a lovely way to remember Candace.


  4. So much to be said here. May I?
    A magnificent piece honoring the spirit of your loved one. And that’s just it, the ‘spirit’ – her personality – comes through those eyes, her stance, and most of all (what touches me most) those black nail-polished nails…such a tiny detail yet it speaks volumes.
    Passing on the wisdom you gained through its cathartic (I’m assuming this to be true) creation – the ever much needed reminder to not waste time for perfection and its counterpart to not be stifled by it – and seeing that play out in your newfound ‘freedom to stitch’. Well, that’s inspiring for me at least…


  5. Beautiful words, Laura! You can speak out anytime! The best compliment…you are inspired! Now go make music! 🙂


  6. Oh Laura. I didn’t see that coming at all. I had no idea that sweet Candace wasn’t with us any longer. What a fabulous tribute and an even better remembrance of a special moment you two shared. {{Hugs}} I wonder where you are hanging this? It really does put the quilting and perfection and all of that into perspective, doesn’t it. I mean really, who cares about even stitches, etc. Just enjoy life and your peeps while you can. Thanks for the sobering reminder. I’ve really enjoyed your whole process of making this fabulous piece. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Roseanne, I have had it on my heart for a very long time to make this quilt, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Now that I have, the process has been healing…I guess the time is right now. I have also had it on my heart to gift the quilt to my sister, Candace’s mother.
      Thank you for your kind words! They are much appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh! Laura! The quilt is amazing and I’d be writing to say that anyway but to learn that it is a portrait of a loved one who is no longer with you really does make the whole portrait even more beautiful. I’m sure your family will treasure it as you treasure the memories it brings. Bless you. Allison


  8. Oh wow!!! That is so very cool!! I think that those quilts take a lot of talent and a great vision – you knocked it out of the park!!


  9. Laura, you made such a beautiful tribute here, what a lovely way to remember her. The quilt is so full of life, the energy is just wonderful!


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