Tiny Tree and Vintage Ornaments Update

I am very close to the end of working nearly a month without a day off (from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas Day).   The madness is calming down and I believe I am going to survive another crazy shipping season after all!

I have even been able to enjoy some peaceful sewing time!

The Temecula Quilt Company’s tiny tree is sewn.  The quilting will wait…the piecing is what I needed for the time being.  I think I will be decorating this little guy with buttons.

Temecula Quilt Company's Tiny Tree

The Vintage Ornaments quilt (and here) is slowly getting quilted.  The last time that I shared, this quilt was quilted in the ditch, and the ornaments were outlined.

Since then, I have quilted inside the setting triangles.

Vintage Ornaments

I am now marking lines to quilt the sashing.  

Vintage Ornaments

I do have template rulers, and a ruler foot for my domestic sewing machine, but I find it easier to mark my lines, and free motion stitch without the ruler.  It is what I am used to…maybe someday this old dog will learn to use the rulers for how they were intended.  


Hey…whatever works!

Vintage Ornaments

For the curious, I am using Wonderfil’s rayon thread for the decorative machine quilting.

20 responses to “Tiny Tree and Vintage Ornaments Update

  1. I’m sure you are looking forward to a day off Laura! I am amazed you’ve done any more on your quilt! It’s going to be a beauty, your design looks great. 😊


    • I am indeed looking forward to a day off! I hope to spend the day in the sewing studio, but I might just be a couch potato all day! Ha, ha!
      Thank you…sometimes I overthink how to quilt a project instead of simply enjoying the process. 🙂

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  2. I’m with you on the ruler quilting – I still prefer marking and FMQ! Yours is beautiful. I hope you get some peace and relaxation soon!


    • Thank you, Julie! I gotta laugh at myself…I am better at free motion quilting a straight line than using a ruler. That darn ruler slips and before I know it, I’ve got a squiggly line, not a straight one. Ha, ha!


  3. Looking good! Only four more days until freedom.


  4. Sounds like a crazy month! Hope you get a good rest over Christmas! Your quilts are beautiful, I’ve just bought my first quilting ruler, I need to have a good play after Christmas 🙂


  5. Yippee for you! And hang in there.
    I think buttons will perk up that ole scrappy tree quite nicely.


  6. Love your tree and buttons will really make it! AND your quilt is going to be a beauty! So glad work will slow down Laura. You deserve a break! Hugs


  7. I’m glad you have been able to sew through such a a busy month of work. It must help you to turn your mind and hand to something creative and non-work related. The vintage ornaments quilt looks just great. Your method of using the quilting rulers looks to be working a treat – ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ 🙂


    • I agree…I am using the rulers after all. Ha, ha!
      Yes, the sewing has helped a lot, Allison. In the past, I let myself slip into depression at this time of year. I was determined not to repeat the past. I can’t change the work, but I can change the attitude…even just 10 minutes at a time sewing helps!


  8. Hi Laura! You deserve a break – a hard earned one certainly. I love your little tree! The backing you chose gives the hint of snow – love that. Your quilting looks lovely and I saw do what works for you. I have used rulers but I prefer FMQ now that I’m better at it. I’m looking forward to seeing these project finished. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • I am so happy to hear another person say that she prefers FMQ without the rulers…it seems that rulers are the thing, and I have seen gorgeous ruler work. If I am ever going to be able to hold the ruler and sew straight at the same time, I am sure going to need to practice a lot!

      Merry Christmas, Roseanne! 🙂

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