So…I’ve had a tiny distraction.  Just a tiny one.

I couldn’t resist Temecula Quilt Company’s Tiny Tree Sew Along.

Temecula Quilt Company's Tiny Tree

These tiny blocks are so cute and fun.  I can make them from scraps…no cutting yardage for this sweet project!

Meantime, the basket continues to fill with bow tie blocks.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

The Vintage Ornaments quilt has been completely stitched in the ditch (using Wonderfil Invisafil thread) and all of the basting pins removed.

Vintage Ornaments

The appliques have been stitched around as well.  Next up, some decorative (as opposed to functional) machine quilting.

I think I am doing pretty well considering that I haven’t had a full day off from the day job since Thanksgiving Day.  I am determined not to be as depressed as in the past and to stay focused on accomplishing what I can.

So far…so good.

13 responses to “Distraction

  1. Looks like those tiny square blocks are 2×2? That’s doable…
    Sometimes looking forward to quilting time regardless of the day’s schedule makes life seem sweeter.
    Take care.


  2. Hi Laura! Good for you for sneaking in a bit of quilting and sewing time. You can make that your treat for working so much. You certainly deserve it! I love seeing the quilting on your ornament quilt top. It’ll be done before you know it. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • I know that I told another blogger friend that there is no way that I can get this top done! Well…maybe I won’t…but I am using every bit of precious time that I can to work on it, and I am enjoying it, too. 🙂

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  3. Heck I am retired and get depressed when I have interruptions! SO you get the badge of courage this month! They are working you too hard! Time to take some time of at Christmas and have fun quilting! Love those bow ties


    • No such thing as time off for a postal worker (or UPS, or a truck driver, or a waitress, etc…) during the Christmas season. It is what it is, and will never get better. I look forward to January. Ha, ha!

      I like the bow ties, too…I am using up old stash/scraps. This will be fun to lay out when the time comes! 🙂


  4. Doing a little bit every day adds up over time. You’re in the home stretch for busy season. Hope you get some time off during the holidays.


    • You are right, Donna…inch by inch. It really helps to spend some time doing something that I enjoy doing, as opposed to sleeping in my easy chair until bedtime. 🙂
      I haven’t had a day off since Thanksgiving. There will not be a day off until Christmas Day. The good thing…not everyday is a full 8 hour shift.


  5. I work full time and quilting time is absolutely precious. I completely understand your frustrations but I am impressed by the cute little blocks. I feel it is harder to keep the little blocks precise and neat. Wishing you joy and peace and loads of uninterrupted sewing time during the holidays and into the new year!!!


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement; I really appreciate it! It is so kind of you to stop by and take the time to comment! May you also be blessed with joy, peace, and a whole lot of sewing time in the new year! 🙂


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  7. Hope work has quietened down a bit now, the tiny trees look gorgeous 🙂


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