RSC18 Squared Away Sampler Update

The RSC18 Squared Away Sampler quilt is so busy that I don’t think one can tell that it is quilted unless one is looking close.

So I chose to do an all over design as opposed to custom quilting (and it is quicker to do… there is that).

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

Here is a close up view…it really is quilted!

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

It might be easier to see quilted bees from the back, but not much easier.

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

More bow tie leader/enders have been made.  I have taken the time to pack them in packs of 1o for easier counting.  There are 399 plus a few in the basket.  I want to make 768 for the setting that I have in mind.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

A personal little shout out to Donna…I think I am doing well so far with my Focus list!  I am keeping an updated version for myself here.

13 responses to “RSC18 Squared Away Sampler Update

  1. Good job getting it quilted! You’re moving right through that list. I love it that you’re getting a lot done. So fun!


  2. Not all quilting needs to be ‘seen’…it’s best characteristic is in it lending a certain ‘feeling’ to the actual quilt..IMHO.
    Great almost finish…Happy T-day.


  3. Hi Laura! I have to agree with Laura above – quilting isn’t necessarily supposed to be the star of the project. Many times the quilting can distract from the fabrics and pattern – what the point of that?? Holy moly – that’s a lot of bow tie blocks. Good for you for getting a UFO in the done column – that is very inspiring. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I’m sorry you have to work seven days a week now! That’s nuts. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • You and Laura are right, Roseanne! One does need to consider the quilt’s design and purpose. 🙂

      The bow tie blocks are small, so I need a lot of them to make a full size quilt, which is what I want to do with them.

      At least I don’t have to put in full shifts all seven days! This time of year is tough on a lot of workers, not just USPS workers.

      I have a lot to be grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, too! 🙂


  4. You are doing great Laura. The sampler is bright – The dot fabric is interesting as a border! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the day off! Hugs


  5. The sampler quilt is stunning. I really like the way the black and white background and border fabric brings all the colours together and makes the blocks pop! I hope little sewing breaks help you get through this ultra busy season.


  6. It looks great! I like all over designs, they’re so much easier to do, most of mine are a variation on a meander!


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