I recently joined an internet group called the Stashbusters.  I have been lurking and enjoying all of the hustle and bustle of this very active group.  For several years now, the internet is the only social life that I have had with like minded hobbyists.

They are in the midst of finishing up projects for 2019 and making lists for 2020.

They are extremely prolific, and I am overwhelmed.  It is all a bit much for a girl who works a complicated schedule at her day job.  For simplicity, I will say that I generally work split shifts six days a week.

Not very friendly for planning any kind of activities, let alone hobby projects.

I do think making a list will help me focus, so I have adapted Donna’s idea for myself.  I will update the list as I complete the projects that I have on it.  There will be ‘squirrel projects’, and that is okay.

I am keeping it simple; it is what I need.  The list will be pinned to the bulletin board in my sewing studio.  I want it where I will see it (otherwise there is no point)!


Something Old….I don’t have a photo of the Lone Star project.  I began it a million years ago (maybe not that long, but a long time ago…in the 90’s).  I will find it after I work on the Floral Reflections UFO.  I do have photos of that project.

Floral Reflections

Floral Reflections

The pattern is out of print.  I believe I also began this project sometime in the 1990’s.  I have all twelve blocks fused.   My next step is to machine applique the blocks.

Something new…I am currently working on the Vintage Ornaments quilt:

Vintage Ornaments

Creative play…Begun in January of this year, I bet those who have seen this project on the blog think I may have forgotten about the Candace project.  Not so.  She is waiting to be thread painted.


Handwork project…Drunkard’s Path…no photos…but I do have quite a few hand pieced blocks made.

Leader/Ender…Begun in 2018, I haven’t updated this project on the blog, but I have made lots of bow tie blocks, many more than this photo shows.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

Scrap Project…RSC18. I made the Squared Away Sampler and it is waiting to be quilted.

RSC18 Squared Away Sampler

This list will carry me into 2020.  Maybe far, far into 2020.  I am slow, but I do finish eventually.  All that matters is to enjoy the journey.

23 responses to “Focus

  1. Hi, Laura — welcome to Stashbusters! Your works-in-progress are eclectic and wonderful!


  2. I like lists and ticking things off! That’s a great list of projects, looking forward to seeing your progress, Stashbusters looks interesting!


  3. I love it! We can encourage each other. It will be fun to see how you like a more “robust” list. I keep mine a little shorter now than I did in the beginning and that seems to work better for me.


    • I like the idea of encouraging each other, Donna! If I am not mistaken, you make your list monthly, right? My plan is to work each project until it is finished (with the exception of the leader/ender project. I will update each category when I have completed the project(s) in it. That’s the plan. Yup…I am gonna stick to it, and you are gonna see that I do. Ha, ha!

      I did say there will be squirrels. You saw that, right? Snort!


  4. That’s a pretty simple list, but provides a nice variety. I bet it will be very helpful!


    • Thanks, Kathy! The list ought to keep me on target. I really want to get the old projects finished and no longer cluttering my mind, but I know I need to balance that out with new, too. 🙂

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  5. I’m thinking that when you begin that applique UFO from the 1990’s that you’ll have gotten so much better at machine applique since then that it will finish in a flash! I’m impressed with those blocks done so long ago!
    Fingers crossed,eh?
    Pairing old UFO’s with new can’t-wait-to-start projects seems very symbiotic.
    Looks like quite a list, but with “focus,” all things are possible!
    Great therapy after doing split shifts.


    • Those old projects didn’t get finished because I let life’s downers get the best of me. It is long past time to take charge and make the time to do the things that I enjoy doing! I can’t keep letting this lifestyle swallow me up!
      You are right, Laura…I need the therapy! 😉

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  6. Welcome to Stashbusters! Glad to see you are setting goals your own way. (For those of a certain age, you could sing “Make your own kind of music…”)! Looking forward to hearing more about your quilting adventures!

    Gina in Missouri


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  8. That Focus list on your sewing room wall is a good idea. I get a bit ‘hemmed-in’ and overwhelmed if I have all my on-going projects on show but a clear list with room for ‘squirrels’ could be the solution 🙂


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