Vintage Ornaments

Rather than work on UFO’s, or current projects, I have started a new project. 

I know…there are some of you who finish a project before beginning a new one, but I am not you (sometimes I wish I were)!

Back in 2017, I came across the Vintage Ornaments Quilt by Cherry Guidry.  For one reason, or another, I didn’t do the quilt along, but I had saved the information.  The desire to make this quilt never left, so I decided it is now or never.  One simply has to make the time to do whatever it is that one wants to do, or it won’t get done.

Making the blocks has been an easy and enjoyable experience.  Squaring them up will be my next task.

Vintage Ornaments

I machine appliqued with a small buttonhole stitch using Wonderfil’s shiny rayon and metallic threads.

Vintage Ornaments

I may have used Superior’s Bottom Line in the bobbin, but I am not positive.  I used a bobbin that had been wound for a long time, and it wasn’t with the spool that I had wound it with.  Whatever it was, it worked well.

13 responses to “Vintage Ornaments

  1. Hi Laura! What an excellent job you did buttonholing these ornaments. It looks like a fun project, too. Are you planning on finishing it as a quilt or something else. I look forward to seeing this project progress. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Great project! I love vintage ornaments. Our tree is all vintage and handmade ornaments.


  3. Wonderfully quaint – just like an old fashioned Christmas. Plus, the shiny threads really make it look top end.
    Great job, Laura.


  4. Love the blocks … look forward to seeing the wall hanging!


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  6. Going to be fun and pretty! Hugs


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