Candace Project 6

I haven’t felt this intense about a project in a very, very long time.

Except for the accursed day job, and having time constraints, I am using every moment that I have to work on Candace.

It isn’t actually work…it is play.  

I forgot how much fun it is to play.

I was stumped with her hair.  I only want to pull from my stash, and I had a difficult time of it.  All my browns are too red, or too green, or too orange… too dark, too light.

I finally called my Hubby into the sewing studio to get his opinion, and his opinion was of help.

But what helped the most was having a chat with myself. 

I forgot how much taking the creative process too literally spoils the fun.


After my little chat with myself, I got back to playing.

And I really, really want to shop all of the batik fabric sales that I can find!

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18 responses to “Candace Project 6

  1. Hi Laura! I’m almost as obsessed with this project as you are. Okay, not quite but I am avidly following your progress. You are doing a super job!! It is really turning out beautiful – I think you’ll have to submit to a quilt show, personally. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Laura, that is going to be gorgeous! I can understand your obsession. Too bad you have to go to the day job (even though I enjoy seeing you occasionally).

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  3. It’s coming along great. You can always use thread (quilting) to lighten or darken the hair as you choose.


  4. ‘I forgot how much fun it is to play.’
    Play on!


  5. This is amazing to watch!


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