Candace Project 5

Candace is coming along faster than I thought that she would!


I highly recommend putting the background fabric on first, since everything else goes on top of it.  It will be easier to build from the ground up.

I didn’t do this because I was undecided what I wanted to use for the background.

Remember…I haven’t permanently fused any of the pieces yet!  I can still change out something if I don’t like the way that it looks (or add background).


I think I have it figured out.


I am sorry that the lighting isn’t consistent for you.  I guess inconsistency goes with an amateur photographer and taking a photo at different times of the day.

Candace Project 1

Candace Project 2

Candace Project 3

Candace Project 4

10 responses to “Candace Project 5

  1. Laura:
    Whoa – you’re on a roll…Candace is coming along nicely. Glad you figured out the background fabric before it got too hard to negotiate. I noticed the green background fabric has a sort of ‘art canvas’ texture printed into it and since this is a ‘portrait’ of sorts I think it adds a subtle support to that intent.
    I think I’ll get back to some sewing stuff as this has inspired me to re-delve into an ongoing project.
    Later –


    • Thank you, Laura! I really appreciate your constructive opinion! I looked at several background options that I had in my stash, and this seemed the best fit to me.
      I look forward to seeing what you choose for an ongoing project! 🙂


  2. This is just amazing, loving watching Candace ‘appear’


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  4. I think the background is perfect, reminds me of vintage wallpaper, so it looks like Candace just walked into the living room to show us her pie (if I remember correctly!) this is moving along so quickly!


    • Yup…she was showing off her very first pie! She baked it in my kitchen, since she was visiting for a few days. I actually did have wallpaper at the time…it was extremely ugly (it was there when Hubby and I bought the place…it is long gone now). 🙂

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