Candace Project

In January of this year, I announced that I was going to make an art quilt using my niece, Candace, as my model.

I made a posterized  and enlarged version of one my favorite photos of a good memory with her.

After that, I did nothing until April, when I made a tracing.

Something about the tracing stopped me cold.  Procrastination really set in.

Sunday, I gave myself a ‘talking to’, and decided to get with it.  While I was tracing my tracing onto Lite Steam A Seam 2 (in reverse so that the resulting pattern pieces would be the right way when I cut them out of fabric), I realized why my tracing bothered me.

It was the way that I traced Candace’s mouth.  The mouth looked like it belonged to a marionette.  At least to me it did.

So I’ve redrawn the mouth on my fusible…not worried about the tracing.  Nobody but me is ever going to use the tracing.

The lesson here is that, it is my quilt.  I can change it anywhere in the building process that I want to.

You can do the same with your quilts.  I give you permission.

I have a muslin foundation on the design board.  It is overlaid with my tracing of the enlarged and posterized photograph.  I also have the photograph pinned on the board (obviously, not the enlarged one).


The tracing is valuable to help me position the batik pieces (the fabric doesn’t have to be batik, but I really like them).


The fabric is not fused down!

That is the wonderful thing about Lite Steam A Seam 2!  It is tacky enough to stay put, but yet, be repositionable!


Throughout this entire design process, I won’t actually fuse anything until I am positive that the pieces are just where I want them!

Hopefully, I will make more progress in a reasonable amount of time, but I make no promises!

17 responses to “Candace Project

  1. It helps to get a project done when there are no promises IMHO.
    So, you’re good to go, Laura!
    PS will you be giving this to Candace whenever it is finished?


  2. I admire you for tackling this project ! I am too chicken! LOL


    • I have made a couple of these, but it doesn’t matter…I still hesitate. I want to get it right, you know. One may as well plunge right in, since it never will be just right. Ha, ha! Perfection is a difficult thing to achieve, if not impossible!


  3. Good luck! I also find when something isn’t right with a project I have a hard time moving forward. Somewhere deep down I must realize I’ll be sorry.


  4. Love the project so far, and well done, you, for starting it!


  5. Oh! Wow! I wouldn’t know where to begin on an art project. I’d stall at the thought of it, let alone at any stage beyond the start! I look forward to seeing your progress with this project.


    • Thank you! I know you can make an art quilt…I’ve seen your improv quilt! 🙂

      It will take patience…I have a heavy work schedule coming up…but I know that you understand work loads!


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