June OMG Goal 2019 Update

My June goal was to stitch in the ditch to stabilize the Aunt Bea’s Parlor top and prepare it for quilting on the domestic machine.

That goal was accomplished.

Aunt Bea's Parlor

Aunt Bea's Parlor

I did think I could actually finish all of the quilting.

Until I fell into a deep genealogy rabbit hole.

Instead of quilting, I discovered a couple of grandfathers who were soldiers in the Revolutionary War.  Both lived in Sleepy Hollow, and one of them sold his homestead to Washington Irving.

Were they acquaintances?  Were they good friends?  Did they even like each other?

Who knows!  But the research has been a great distraction, and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit!

I did manage to come up for air for a short time and at least begin the quilting.

Looking from the back, here’s the proof:

Aunt Bea's Parlor

Aunt Bea's Parlor

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts.  Check it out and see what other’s have accomplished for their June goals!  Hopefully, they have stayed more focused than I have this month!

*To see all of the posts, and my completed embroidered blocks, simply put ‘Aunt Bea’s Parlor’ in the search bar of my blog.

10 responses to “June OMG Goal 2019 Update

  1. Your research sounds interesting. It’s fun to turn up something unexpected. I absolutely love the chicken fabric.


    • I am having fun with the research, especially since my Dad is also interested. He is my main motivator, and my main distraction. 🙂

      I’ve had the chicken fabric for awhile now…so happy to have found a good place to use it!


  2. Happy quilting! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!


  3. I have just fallen into the Abyss! I started a political blog! I think I have lost it! Hugs If I get started on Ancestry I can forget my quilting!


  4. The backing fabric is so cute. Sounds like the genealogy rabbit hole was a good one.


    • Thank you! I thought the chicken fabric was fun!

      I have forced myself to come out of that rabbit hole, but I will willingly go back when I catch up on a few things. 🙂


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