Judy’s Virtual Challenge

Judy, of Virtual Quilts fame, issued a challenge to use the Electric Quilt 8 program.

The hardest part of this first challenge was for me to make the time to actually do it.

And then, it didn’t take that much time after all.

Judy challenged users to select an Antique Mosaic block from the Classic Pieced EQ Library.

That was simple.

Challenge 1 Mosaic, No. 5(2)

I chose  Mosaic, No. 5(2).

Here is the color version from the library:

Challenge 1 Color Mosaic, No. 5(2)

And here is my colored version, using fabrics from the default fabric library:

Challenge 1 Color 2 Mosaic, No. 5(2)

We are challenged to add at least four seam lines, and play with color placement.

Challenge 1 Adding Lines Mosaic, No. 5(2)

Challenge 1 Moving Color Mosaic, No. 5(2)

We are also challenged to delete lines.

Challenge 1 Deleting Lines Mosaic, No. 5(2)

Challenge 1 Deleting Lines 2 Mosaic, No. 5(2)

This was a fun little challenge.  If you are an EQ user, perhaps you’d like to join the fun!

There is an Electric Quilt Facebook group that you might like to join.  I am going to link this blog post there.

6 responses to “Judy’s Virtual Challenge

  1. Wow! Doesn’t moving the fabrics change things, culminating with finding a reel of thread. I love the progression, and pleased that you have saved all the blocks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just read through my comment … LOL … what I said about moving fabrics and finding a reel of thread happens in real life too!


    • Ha, ha! It is amazing what one finds when they tidy up the sewing room!

      Of course I saved the blocks! I like them enough to play with them in a virtual quilt, and finding that spool of thread was a nice surprise! 🙂


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