Waterwheel Quilt Block

I have been using  the Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year to inspire myself to practice design. One of the August blocks is called Waterwheel.

Waterwheel Quilt Block

I drew my block on 4 x 4 grid using Electric Quilt 8.  You can certainly draw it with a pencil and graph paper.

I like to set the block side by side in a straight set just to get a feel for how it looks.

Waterwheel Straight Set

I had such a hard time getting inspired by this block that it has taken me weeks of procrastination to play with it.

Maybe sashing would make it look better?

Waterwheel Straight Set 2

Maybe rotating the blocks would help.

Waterwheel Straight Set 3

Rotated blocks without the sashing:

Waterwheel Straight Set 5

Maybe I’d like it better with a different colorway.

Waterwheel Straight Set 6

Or how about set on point?

Waterwheel On Point Set

Waterwheel On Point Set 2

Perhaps you might find a setting and/or a colorway for the Waterwheel block that really inspires you.  

As for me…I am ready to move on to another block.

6 responses to “Waterwheel Quilt Block

  1. I am with you … it doesn’t appeal to me.
    It is interesting that the block finds a new focus where the corners come together when you changed the colours, but even that doesn’t inspire me.


  2. It’s amazing the different patterns that are made from one block, I think I like the rotated ones best, can’t decide between sashed and unsashed 🙂


    • If I had to choose, I’d go with the last one; the on point setting. And I would play with it more, too; try alternate or plain blocks and see what I can come up with. But I am not motivated; there are a lot of other projects that I’d rather spend time on. But this one will be listed under my Quilt Blocks tab. Who knows, someone may do something wonderful with it!


  3. Tricky! I definitely prefer the final option. More colours and setting the blocks on point brings out some interesting secondary patterns.

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