RSC18 July

So Scrappy and The Academic Quilter announced the Rainbow Scrap colors for the month of July as maroon and red.

I am making three blocks a month, and I’ve chosen the 5 inch size to use for the Squared Away Sampler project.

If you would like to participate in the RSC18 Squared Away Sampler project click on the link to read all about it.  You can also visit The Academic Quilter for great tutorials on making the blocks.  There is a chart of various sizes so you can choose what size blocks that you would like to make.  

I am following two self-imposed rules. 

I am using scraps only; I don’t want to cut into yardage for these blocks. 

I am also using a dark, medium and light version of the color of the month.  This is so I can play with value.  This gives me the opportunity to see how the blocks differ depending upon where the value is placed.  Hopefully, I am learning how to look at a block in different ways.

RSC18 July

I like how moving the value brought out a ‘circle’ in the block.  This would be a fun block to play with if I wanted to create a quilt with it. 

Here are all of my blocks so far:

RSC18 July

That red in the lower right corner really stands out! I might have to design the layout around it.  

I will be linking up with So Scrappy.  Check out the link and see what others have done with maroon and red this month!

20 responses to “RSC18 July

  1. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Your Squared Away blocks look wonderful all together! I’ve enjoyed making a couple different blocks each month, too – it’s definitely interesting and fun to play with different values of color in the blocks to see what happens.


  2. Great idea to have these self-imposed rules! Love your beautiful blocks, red really pop


  3. Talk about “something from nothing”!. Your blocks are lovely, and the scraps will certainly evoke memories of past quilts. Power to you for choosing the 5 inch size, and keeping up with the schedule.


  4. So fun to challenge ourselves and see what happens. Fun blocks you have created.


  5. Scraps are good for eperiments. All of your blocks look great together.


    • Thank you, Mari. I agree…scraps are good for experimenting and having fun while learning what works, and what doesn’t…what one likes and what one doesn’t like.


  6. I’ve been enjoying the sampler blocks this year – every one of them is calling to me to be a quilt on it’s own. It’s going to be interesting to see what everyone does with them at the end of the year!
    Your blocks look great together – the value play really gives them a lot of richness!


    • Thank you, Gayle. I am also looking forward to what everyone does with their blocks at the end of the year. I am having fun, and some of these blocks do make me want to make an entire quilt from them. So many projects…so little time! 🙂


  7. Your blocks look great! I think your red block will look great after all of the other colors get in there. Nice work!


  8. Your “rules” are good ones to follow for this quilt. Looking good!!!


  9. I like how your blocks are working together!


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