On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt Progress

I think my last On Ringo Lake mystery quilt update was back in February 2018.

For me…I am speeding along.  Ha, ha!

I am happy to report that I have finished quilting the top!

On Ringo Lake

I used a pantograph for the very first time.

On Ringo Lake

I learned a thing or two, including that it is important to load the quilt on the frame properly (oops).

The quilting isn’t fancy, or perfect.  

On Ringo Lake

But it is finished, and I am excited about that!

Next up will be to square the quilt and apply binding.  Then this quilt really will be finished.

In record time…for me!

6 responses to “On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt Progress

  1. Great colors in that quilt.


  2. Congratulations on your finish, love the colours, the blue really makes it pop 🙂


  3. The quilt is stunning and I love the backing fabric.


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