Bow Tie Leader/Ender

Bonnie Hunter introduced the term Leader/Ender many years ago.  It is a method of continuous piecing and she describes it well in her blog post here.

Each July, Bonnie announces a new Leader/Ender challenge, so she will be making that announcement very soon.

However, there is a challenge that she announced wayyyy back in 2011…the Bow Tie Leader/Ender.  This one has been on my ‘someday’ list since Bonnie announced it.

You know what?  ‘Someday’ never comes!  So I am making this one happen.

Except for the cheddar, I am cutting parts from scraps.  The cheddar is yardage that I just had to have.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

No stress, no deadline…just for fun.

Bow Tie Leader/Enders

I like it.

15 responses to “Bow Tie Leader/Ender

  1. Good for you!! It is never to “late” to play along. Now, cheddar…I didn’t know before I began to follow Bonnie Hunter that it is one of those “vintage” colors that just won’t go away. People keep on using it and you either love it or you don’t. On the fence about cheddar myself….One day it might grow on me, but “not quite yet”. Have fun with the bow ties! Classic pattern!

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  2. How fun! Thanks for including that first link – there’s some really beautiful quilts there that I would love to make, and although they seem complicated, they’re really not. Can’t wait to see your progress! I don’t know how you get so much sewing/quilting done! But If you’re like me, it’s therapeutic and takes the stress off my mind!


    • I don’t think I get all that much done, but this month I did stay focused. It helped to have my work hours cut, too, but that isn’t going to last for long.

      Bonnie does have lots of fun, free patterns on her website…she is very prolific and very generous!


  3. You will love making those bow ties at your leisure! No stress fun! Enjoy the family this week!

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