Mother’s Choice Quilt Block

I took some time this week to play with some virtual quilt designing.

The Mother’s Choice block shown in Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year was my choice to play with.  I have had this calendar for years and am using it to inspire myself in design.

Mother's Choice Quilt Block

Drawn on a 12 x 12 grid.

Set in a side by side straight set:

Mother's Choice Straight Set

Again, set side by side but with the addition of sashing and cornerstones:

What I like about this block is that when you shift the value, you can bring out the stars!

Mother's Choice Straight Set 3

You can also add and/or delete lines within the block to create alternate blocks.

Mother's Choice Straight Set 6

What I haven’t shown, but what I think would be great fun, is to sew this block with lots of colorful scraps.  The block can be composed of many half square triangles creating lots of opportunities for using scraps.

Mother's Choice Straight Set 7

Those half square triangles also create lots of opportunities to experiment with value placement to create interesting designs.

Happy quilting!

5 responses to “Mother’s Choice Quilt Block

  1. I like the idea of using scraps … a great exercise to learn about contrast. I love the second to last one. (Might be something to do with adding or subtracting seam lines from a block!)

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    • Judy, I like that one, too. And I really like the third from the last…the one with the stars. If I play some more, I would definitely explore value and contrast more.


  2. Neat! Are you using EQ to do this? Have a great day!


    • Nanette, I am using EQ. You can find quite a few blocks that I’ve played with when you click on the Quilt Blocks tab on my blog. I like to challenge myself and see what I can come up with…just for the fun of it.


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