Peg (Clothespin) Bag

She was the only doctor’s wife in Branford, Maine, who hung her wash on an outdoor clothesline instead of putting it through a dryer, because she liked to look out the window and see the clothes blowing in the wind. She had been especially delighted, one day, when one sleeve of the top of her husband’s pajamas, prodded by the stiff breeze off the bay, reached over and grabbed her nightgown around the waist.
– Lois Lowry



I have managed to squeeze in one more completion before the end of April!

One of my goals for April, was to work on a peg (aka clothespin) bag.  I did work on it.

And I also finished it!

Clothesline Peg Bag

Clothesline Peg Bag


9 responses to “Peg (Clothespin) Bag

  1. Love the story, and loved the bag. Our clothes still get the fresh air treatment on wash day, but the pegs are kept in a basket.


  2. VERY Nice Laura – a lot of work went into this project.


  3. And it happens that you made it in yellow!


    • Oh yeah! Love yellow! Then again, I love orange and lime, too!

      In any case, my laundry room is getting repainted in a very soft gray, and I had covered a bulletin board in the same fabric that I used for the peg bag (which is now hanging in the laundry room).

      But you are right…I could use this for an RSC project, now couldn’t I? 🙂


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