A Quick Project

Remember the quick and easy project that I began when the power was out (click here)?

I found a free pattern online called Sugar Town.

Alyssa's Quilt

I am not a sweet pink, baby blue girlie type of gal, but I have a little girl in mind who I think will love this quilt.

I have had fun taking time out to sew this up.

I changed the original pattern just a bit.  I added setting triangles and corners to my version.

Alyssa's Quilt

The quilt top is as big as the garage door.  Ha, ha!


12 responses to “A Quick Project

  1. That is lovely. I especially like the frog fabric.


  2. It a pinky person either but a young girl would live the quilt!


  3. Very pretty fabric! I’m sure the recipient will be thrilled when she receives it. I can’t get over all the snow you’ve had!


  4. So cute!


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