Power Outage? Sew What!

I had an entire afternoon off from the day job, so I planned to spend it working on a new project.  No deadlines, not doing housework, no have to do because…; just for the fun of it.

We were in the midst of our first blizzard of the season.  A cozy afternoon with a pot of tea and in my favorite space of the house would be heaven on earth.

But when I came home, the power was out.

Sew what!  Light the lamps and the woodstove, and all is well!

Power Outage

It was out for twelve hours!

3 responses to “Power Outage? Sew What!

  1. Wow! That would be a wonderful time to spend just hand stitching … quilting would be my choice. Now all I need is a blackout, though if I get desparate I could always flick a switch in the fuse box.


    • I had a very pleasant time cutting out all of the parts for a new quilt project. I got that done, and then had a lovely, peaceful evening reading a novel by lamplight. I don’t have a hand stitching project going…need to come up with a new one.

      Ha, ha! It might be worth it to flick a switch in the fuse box. 🙂


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