Sister’s Choice Quilt Block

Let’s explore the Sister’s Choice Quilt Block.

The block is a traditional favorite.

Sister's Choice

Sister’s Choice is drawn with a 5 x 5 grid.

Here the blocks are set in a straight set with sashing:

Sister's Choice Straight Set

I’ve moved the color a bit, and that puts more emphasis on the stars:

Sister's Choice Straight Set 2

Let’s look at some straight sets without the sashing.

Sister's Choice Straight Set 3

The next one not only has the sashing removed, but the alternate blocks have some additional lines drawn.  The result is a star within a star.

Sister's Choice Straight Set 4

More alternate block experimenting:

Sister's Choice Straight Set 5

Sister's Choice Straight Set 6

Delete quite a few lines in the alternate block, and it opens up the entire design…great for the quilting lovers! 

Sister's Choice Straight Set 7

Moving blocks around, as well as adding and deleting lines from the original block (Sister’s Choice in this blog post), creates interesting designs.

Sister's Choice Straight Set 8

Sister's Choice Straight Set 9

Sister's Choice Straight Set 10

Let’s not forget about color (most importantly…value).  Changing values creates completely different looks!

Sister's Choice Straight Set 11

When designing your next quilt, take time to experiment with the block’s grid (adding/deleting lines to create alternate blocks), as well as value placement.

You will come up with a winner (or several)!  And have fun doing it!

I use Electric Quilt 7 for quilt designing.  Block Base is another great tool.  Sister’s Choice is #J008 in Block Base.  A pad of graph paper and colored pencils work well too!

9 responses to “Sister’s Choice Quilt Block

  1. Not so sure i would want to go back to pencils and paper to play with quilt designs!


  2. I think my favorite is that last one with the pretty green background. But I don’t think there’s an ugly one in the bunch!


    • I agree with you, Daisy; the darker background is my personal taste as well. If I were going to get serious about making a quilt with this block, I would explore the darker colorway. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You are having just too much fun designing! Interesting how little changes affect the look of the same block! Great Post!


    • Thank you, Nanette! There will be a follow up post, some time soon, featuring Sister’s Choice on point…as opposed to the straight sets of this post.


  4. allisonreidnem

    Fascinating! I am grappling with EQ7 but your post is encouraging me to keep on keeping on! I think I’m trying to run before I can walk – designing custom layouts!


  5. Allison, by all means, keep on keepin’ on! 🙂 Go ahead and design those custom layouts and let your creativity shine!


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