One Monthly Goal – 2017

I need motivation.  I need focus.  So this year, I am listing 12 unfinished projects (one project per month to finish; or at least make progress) and linking up with Patchwork Times and One Monthly Goal.

Aunt Sukey Spins Off

 1.  Aunt Sukey Spins Off

This quilt is actually under the needle right now.  Progress is happening.

Brazilian Embroidery 001

2.  Brazilian Embroidery

I got stuck on what to do with the embroidery piece.  I’ve decided to make a pillow.

One Monthly Goal - Grocery Sacks

3.  Grocery Sacks

I’ve been wanting to make grocery sacks.  Surely this will be a quick and easy project.

One Monthly Goal - Round Robin

4. and 5. Round Robin 

This is a strip round robin from the year 1999.  All of the strips are done, but this needs to come together as a top.  I have good memories from this project! I’m giving this one two months…I’m sure I’ll need it.

One Monthly Goal - Aunt Bea's Parlor

6.  Aunt Bea’s Parlor

I have only 2 blocks stitched.  I don’t expect to finish this one this year, but I do expect to get a lot of the embroidery done.

One Monthly Goal - Bird House

7. Bird House

Ahem.  It is a bird house.  Started and abandoned quickly.  One of those “quilt guild inspired because everyone is making one” projects.  My excitement didn’t last long.  This oldie needs to be done!

One Monthly Goal - Floral Blocks

8. Floral Blocks

Began as class samples when I was teaching machine applique.

One Monthly Goal - Floral Blocks

Maybe more pillows? What to do with only three blocks?

One Monthly Goal - Threadplay

9. Threadplay

This was a class sample, too.  I was teaching Libby Lehman’s threadplay technique.  Long ago and far away.

New York Wheel Inklingo Mystery Quilt

10. The Case of the Secret Garden

A fun 2013 mystery quilt designed by Linda Franz of Inklingo fame. 

Hunter's Star Quilt Top

11. Hunter’s Star 

Also, a 2013 project.

President's Blocks

12. President’s Blocks

I served as President of the Colville Piecemakers Quilt Guild 1999-2001.  I have thirty plus signed blocks given to me when my term was up.  It is about time that I do something with them!

For me, this is an ambitious list of projects.  However, I already feel better about my ufo’s simply by making this list.  What carries into the following year doesn’t matter. 

One enjoyable stitch at a time.  That is what matters.

26 responses to “One Monthly Goal – 2017

  1. Great goals for 2017. Beautiful projects that will certainly be fun to celebrate their finish. Of course, I’m drawn to your quilt with threadplay, using techniques from Libby Lehman. I am also trying to focus in 2017 and finish a variety of UFOs.



  2. Can you come teach me how to do such beautiful and exquisite embroidery? Breath taking! Another challenge for me! I like Aunt Bee’s Parlor also.


  3. Will you finish my ufo’s? Oh wait you are talking quilts not models!!! LOL!!! This is an ambitious list but I know you can do it babe!!! Love ya, ME


  4. Wow! These are great and I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job! You are motivating me to get my list done and get started! 🙂


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  12. Wow…you have some wonderful projects to work on.


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