MOD Bear Paw QAL Progress

The borders are on!

Bear Paw QAL

I love it!

Bear Paw QAL

Bear Paw QAL

I wish I could show you the entire quilt, but I have no where to spread it out and take a good photo for you. 

When you click on a photo, it will take you to a larger view of it.

Bear Paw QAL

I am linking up at Sew Fresh Quilts.

MOD Bear Paw QAL Part One

MOD Bear Paw QAL Part Two


18 responses to “MOD Bear Paw QAL Progress

  1. Oh my goodness! Your bear paw quilt top is simply gorgeous! I am so glad to have you quilting along, Laura. Such a handsome bear!

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  2. The quilt is so pretty and unique! Love the idea of a bear in a bear claw block quilt. Excellent work!


  3. That is awesome!!! Reminds me so much of Kodiak!


  4. Laurie – your quilt is absolutely stunning! Love the bear and I’ve always like the bear paw block. Hope to see it in a future quilt show somewhere!


  5. Great choice of colors for this quilt.


  6. Laura, this is so beautiful! It is truly a work of art. My favorite bear claw quilt ever! Will you hang it on a wall for display?


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  8. Yours is my favorite Mod Bear Paw quilt. Such beautiful fall colors! You made me want to make another quilt using your colors!


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