Siggy Doll

I have wanted to make the Siggy doll since I received the premiere issue of Soft Dolls and Animals in 1997.

Umm…yes…1997.  I was going to make the doll for my daughter.  Somehow, time has gotten away from me.

So, I have made two dolls…one for each granddaughter.

Siggy Doll

I think I lost my mind!  I thought that it would be fun to alter the simple pattern a bit.

I have a new respect for doll makers!

Siggy Doll

I tried making bendable fingers…that was tough.

Siggy Doll

I tried making toes.  That was tough.

Siggy Doll

Worst of all was the hair.  Whatever was I thinking?!  Hot glueing a bunch of tangled, curly hair was tremendously boring and tedious for me! 

Oh nooooo…I couldn’t just buy a wig…or make one.  I had to glue this stuff by individual strands.

Sometimes, I am an idiot.

These dolls have more hair than Cousin Itt!

Siggy Doll

I shall be making a dress outfit for each doll.

Should be a piece of cake.

11 responses to “Siggy Doll

  1. Such amazing detail. Your dolls are beautiful. I love the face, hair, hands and feet. I’m sure your granddaughters will treasure them always. #CreativeGoodness.



  2. Oh, Laura! They are absolutely beautiful! What a treasure for your granddaughters!!!!! Their fingers, toes and hair are just lovely. Can’t wait to see the dresses!!


  3. LOL! The girls will be happy! They turned out great! 🙂


  4. Loved the GORGEOUS dolls, Laura! The girls will treasure them always. It will be worth all the time and frustrated tears! Love you.

    Linda Jo Reed

    Upheld By His Hand



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  6. Long ago I made dolls…lots of dolls… For the hair I made big u shaped templates. Mine were formica but you could use plexi glass or something else sturdy. I wound yarn around the template and then with my machine, sewed a ziz zag stitch down the center. Then slid the “hair” off the end and hand stitched to the head. Make as many as you need to cover the head. Hope this helps in the future..


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