Brave World Quilt Block

It has been quite awhile since I shared a post with quilt designs (not including revisiting a block recently).  Last week, I picked up my Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year, and I randomly chose a block.

Right away, I disliked the block.  It became a challenge (I will not be defeated by this block!).  I persevered, and warmed up to it.

Here is Brave World:

Brave World Quilt Block

It can be drawn with a  2 x 2 grid.

Here is how it looks in a basic straight set:

Brave World Straight Set

Sashing strips make it easy to see the block, and make it easy to change the size of a quilt, as well as add another design aspect.

Brave World Straight Set

I this case, I don’t care for the sashing strips, so the next few straight set designs are playing with alternate blocks.

Brave World Straight Set

Brave World Straight Set

How do you know if you like your block paired with other blocks unless you play?

Brave World Straight Set

I’m not a big fan of this next design, but it happens to be the Hubby’s choice.  He says to make it black, white and grey, since he can imagine Tie fighters with all the movement that the blocks create.  Gotta love that imagination!

Brave World Straight Set

He does bring up a good point, however.  Color and value can make a big difference.  I am showing one colorway of an endless array of possibilities!

Brave World Straight Set

Perhaps the above designs are too busy for you.  After all, different strokes for different folks!  Deleting lines can be just as important as adding lines to design.

Brave World Straight Set

Deleting lines, and/or, adding plain blocks can open up lots of opportunities for the addition of applique, or quilting, if that is your thing!

Brave World Straight Set

Go get creative with your designing and have fun!

7 responses to “Brave World Quilt Block

  1. I love it! Love the colors!


  2. Beautiful possibilities!!


  3. I like Joe’s choice. Lots of movement in that one.

    So much fun to see the results of your play sessions!


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