Scrap Bags

Organizing my scraps by storing them in color coded fabric baskets has been on my To-Do List for quite some time.

I wanted quick and easy baskets to make.  No handles, zippers, cardboard or plastic inserts, magnets or Velcro.

Scrap Bags

Pam, over at Threading My Way, posted a fabric basket tutorial that fit my need.  I changed the size of the bag (mine is larger), and I used Timtex, since I already had that on hand, and wanted to use it up.

Scrap Bags

Now that the scraps are no longer “out of sight; out of mind”, I hope to use them more in projects.  It will certainly be a lot easier to find them!

Scrap Bags

And I like the way the bags look on my shelf, too!

2 responses to “Scrap Bags

  1. That’s a great idea for scraps!


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