Initial Pillow No. 6

I missed July’s pillow challenge over at QuiltShopGal’s blog.  Between working overtime, a vacation (a fabulous, and short, one week stay with my son and his family), and a horrendous fire season in my neck of the woods, I’m lucky that I managed to finish a pillow in August.

But finish I have!

The expert this month is the very talented teacher, and author, Angela Walters.  Definitely check out her blog, website and classes!

I designed this pillow using EQ7 software.  It will be a Christmas gift for a young grandson.

Initial B Pillow

Initial B Pillow

I’m using one of my favorite threads, Aurifil 50 weight, for my quilting.

I started my free motion quilting right off by sewing through my Supreme Slider.  Ha, ha!

Initial B Pillow

At least I caught the mistake early.  I know…I should have taped the slider down.  Never skip this step! 

I finished quilting without the thing.

Here’s a couple of close-ups (I need to work on getting even stitches):

Initial B Pillow

Initial B Pillow

And a lousy photo of the back (the tension is good, but the photographer really needs to bone up):

Initial B Pillow

A look at the back of the pillow with a covered zipper insert:

Initial B Pillow

One more look at the front (by the way, I have too small of a pillow form in there…it’ll look better with the right size):

Initial B Pillow

I have chosen to do Option 1 from the August challenge.  I participated in the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge and you can see my blog post using Angela Walter’s tile quilting here.

I am linking up to this year’s challenge here.

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19 responses to “Initial Pillow No. 6

  1. That’s a very cute cushion. Perfect for Christmas!


  2. Oh that pesky Slider! Quick note-there is no need to tape it down. If you just take it to the sink, run water over it and all the fibers will drop off the back of it. Now you are back to the original adhesiveness of the slider and it will not move. Ask me how I know and how many Sliders I have stitched through…
    The pillow is adorable!


  3. E stupendo, mi piace tantissimo 🙂


  4. lovely cushion


  5. Your quilting is so beautiful!


  6. Love love love that pillow!


  7. Oh, and the part about sewing through the Supreme Slider… I have SO been there, done that. :o)


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