Initial Pillow No. 5

For this month’s pillow, I have taken my inspiration from Diane Gaudynski’s Guide to Machine Quilting.  I have owned this excellent, comprehensive book for many a year.

Diane is a very talented award winning quilter and I admire her work very much! 

You can find lots of eye candy and free motion quilting tips on Diane’s blog!

Diane is an elegant, traditional quilter and uses lots of feathers and echo quilting.  I saw this feather on page 69:

Diane Gaudynski

And on page 31 of Diane’s book:

Diane Gaudynski

I drew a version of it with a blue marker on a white tone-on-tone cotton fabric (I would have used silk, or sateen, if I had any, but couldn’t find any in my stash of fabrics.) 

Initial J Pillow

The ‘J’ is the initial of the name of a good friend to whom I will be giving this pillow.

A layer of batting is stitched with water soluble thread, and then carefully trimmed.

Initial J Pillow

I wish I were better at taking photos, especially of white on white!

Initial J Pillow

Since my friend likes pink, I am using a 40 weight pink variegated Aurifil thread for the feathers and the letter.  The rest of the wholecloth quilting is done with 50 weight white Aurifil thread.

Initial J Pillow

You can begin to see the texture forming!

Initial J Pillow

Finished and washed:

Initial J Pillow


Initial J Pillow

Initial J Pillow

Like the other pillows that I have been making, this one is simple with a covered zipper.

Initial J Pillow

Initial J Pillow

Last look:

Initial J Pillow

I participated in QuiltShopGal’s 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge, so it would’ve been fun for me to repeat Diane’s lesson and compare the ‘then and now’.  I may do that yet.  However, I am doing Option 2 from this year’s Free Motion Quilting Challenge, and I will be linking up over there.

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22 responses to “Initial Pillow No. 5

  1. That cushion almost looks like I signed it!

  2. Meraviglioso, bellissimo lavoro.

  3. You did a great job! It looks beautiful!

  4. That looks great, particularly in the last photo where the texture really shines.

  5. gorgeous work on your pillow!

  6. Just gorgeous!!

  7. Beautifully done,will be a wonderful gift…

  8. Stunning Laura, lucky friend!

  9. VERY nice – Diane Gaudynski will always be my role model in machine quilting and heroine. She was the one who cleared the path for so many domestic machine quilts.

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