Initial Pillow

I have decided to make one pillow a month.  One pillow for each of my grandchildren.

I think a pillow with their initial on it would be a fun and personal Christmas gift.

Totally doable for me.  So, yes, for the first time ever, I’m starting my Christmas list early.

Here you see the initial already machine appliqued onto a white background layered with batting and muslin.  I drew a squiggly machine quilting guideline with a blue washout marker.

Nathaniel Pillow

Next time, I think I should space that guideline further apart, but it worked out.

Nathaniel Pillow

The squiggly line was quilted first, then the rest of the filler quilting was done.

Nathaniel Pillow

Oops.  I missed a small section.  I hope the quilt police don’t find it!

Nathaniel Pillow

I made an 18″ pillow and filled it with an 18″ pillow form.  I think a bigger form might look better.

Nathaniel Pillow

I like the railroad tracks filler.  It is fun and wonky.  No rules.  Thanks Leah Day!

Nathaniel Pillow

The back of the pillow has a concealed zipper.

Nathaniel Pillow

I am linking up with quiltshopgal.

The railroad tracks free motion quilting is from Option #1 from the February Pillow Challenge.

Nathaniel Pillow

17 responses to “Initial Pillow

  1. I know who that one is for! 😉 The train tracks are awesome!!! He’ll love it!


  2. Turned out great honey!!!


  3. Nice work. Your railroad tracks looks great


  4. What a fun pillow! The railroad tracks look good!


  5. What a great idea, and love the quilting too !


  6. aw so sweet Laura!


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