Something to Smile About

Human beings need pleasure the way they need vitamins. ~Lionel Tiger


Good things!

I have completed one of my New Year’s goals.  I went to the dentist!  Believe me, that is a big deal!  I lost a filling months ago, but have had no time to get a replacement.

Smile Clipart

Oh, happy day!  No more blackberry seeds, or any other kind of seed, getting stuck in the hole where a filling should be, and driving my tongue stark raving insane!

Hubby is recovering very well from his recent heart surgery.  Now that is reason to be very, very joyful!  I love this man, and I am grateful to a Heavenly Father that has blessed us so much!

Romantic Heart

And one more thing to add to my happiness:

Yup.  I’ve already got the seed for the garden!  Watching them grow will give me much pleasure and serenity (working on my word of the year…joy).  Hubby is researching drip systems to come up with a plan to make watering easier since the day job is so consuming of my time.

Garden Seeds

For those of you still in the grip of winter, do you have cabin fever?  Are you dreaming of your garden yet?


12 responses to “Something to Smile About

  1. Happy Happy Joy Joy! 🙂 I have a teeny weeny garden out front that I would like to put some life into.


  2. Laura, In the next week I will be getting cabin fever for the opposite reason … it will be a bit too hot to spend much time out of doors!

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  3. Laura, so glad to know your husband is doing fine! I am excited to plant a garden but still have to wait a few more weeks. I’d like to plant veggies, but I’d also love to get some roses. My mom had a very small rose garden, but she had every color. It was beautiful. I’d like to plant some fruit trees but that’s a little more complicated. …


    • Thank you Daisy!
      I can’t plant for a few more weeks either. But I can dream! I love roses! I have a couple of varieties that are about 25 years old. I brought them with me when I moved to my current location. I would’ve loved your Mom’s rose garden!
      I also have fruit trees. It is a bit harder to prune them than the roses. Ha, ha!


  4. So many blessings! He is Good!


  5. Did not know Joe had had surgery. So glad to know he is doing well. Haven’t been on your blog in some time – need to check it more often to get the news from Marcus. With this mild weather we may be ‘camping’ earlier than usual this year! Bruce is out pruning as I write this and looks like trees are trying to bud out – which is not good this early. Hello to both of you!


  6. Hi Lois! So good to hear from you!
    We are concerned about the trees this year as well. Joe should be out pruning, but as you know, he cannot at this time. He will be able soon!
    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Laura – you are like my conscience… because I have been putting off scheduling a dental appt! I guess I will HAVE to do it tomorrow.

    Glad to know you and your husband are doing well.

    Take care, and blessings to you and yours!


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