Washington State Quilters 2014 Raffle Quilt Block

In a previous post, I shared about making quilt blocks to contribute to the Washington State Quilters-Spokane Chapter raffle quilt fundraiser (that’s a mouthful!).

Hubby and I attended the quilt show last weekend and I finally had the opportunity to see the raffle quilt all completed and on display.

There were enough blocks turned in to make two raffle quilts and some pillows!

This is my block:

WSQ 2014

Lots of crystals were added to the quilt but, unfortunately, the glitz doesn’t show up in the photo:

WSQ 2014

Oh yes, I bought my raffle ticket! 

And here is the other raffle quilt:

WSQ 2014

I wish you could see the quilting of the second quilt; it really is wonderful.  Whoever the winners are; they are fortunate indeed!

8 responses to “Washington State Quilters 2014 Raffle Quilt Block

  1. Love your block!

    The winners will be fortunate!


  2. They are both gorgeous! There must be two very happy winners!


  3. Oh my, oh my — I love that quilt! Nothing draws attention like the red/white color scheme. And your block is absolutely LOVELY!!!!

    Thanks for sharing about your pressing preference!!! I appreciate you sharing about your iron of choice too. I think many can identify with you – me included. 🙂

    Have a great day!


  4. Both are beautiful with stunning quilting on each one. You did a gorgeous block.


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