Columbia River Time

Hubby and I had time together!  We chose to ignore the chores, pack up the canoe and head for the river.

It was a great choice!

Columbia River Canoe

Could it be any calmer?

Columbia River Canoe

I put the paddle down, and simply drank it all in.  It felt great to relax in the sunshine!

Columbia River Canoe

A Great Blue Heron was fishing on the sandbar. 

Great Blue Heron

Why did I leave the big camera home???

Great Blue Heron

 Roll On, Columbia, Roll On

7 responses to “Columbia River Time

  1. Hi Sis: I was reminded how much I love this river over the weekend while driving along it again. Then I saw your delightful blog. What a majestic piece of God’s creation for sure! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Good choice! The river looks absolutely beautiful. It looks so quiet & peaceful…and no crowds! I’d say that’s a great way to spend a day.


  3. Oh what a lovely, peaceful day-I’m jealous! I like your description-we chose to ignore chores. That’s really what it takes!


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