Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

The Magnolia Bud quilt block is a sweet spring block.

Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

I drew it in Electric Quilt with a 4 x 4 grid.  If you have BlockBase, it is #2208.

Set side-by-side in a straight set, it looks like this:

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

Soft and sweet.  Except that my eye is focused on that green, and if I were to make this, I’d try a softer green.

Let’s see how the design looks if some of the blocks are rotated:

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

I like that better (and I would still change the green to a more muted green).

What if bolder color is added?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What if two of the greens, and two of the pinks were reversed?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What do the Magnolia Bud blocks look like when separated by sashing and cornerstones?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

What if the center square of the quilt block was replaced with a four patch, and alternated with the original block?

Magnolia Bud Straight Set

Keep playing the ‘What If’ game!  You’ll come up with a winner that you will enjoy creating!  There is no right or wrong…create what makes you happy!

6 responses to “Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

  1. I especially love the white stars that pop out on the cornerstone and sashing version. If you made the magnolias all bright colors and switched the green to navy, I think you’d end up with some great exploding fireworks! Thanks for all the inspiration 🙂


  2. Love the second 1st one … the magnolia part of the title has become a secondary design feature, but the star is beautiful!


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